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How does it work ?

Here is the process for any orders (except Car design).

1. Contact

You can contact me through mail, phone or social medias,

and specify what service you are after, with your brief and requirements.

2. Brief

Tell me what are your ideas, your inspirations. The more information I've got, the better will it be.

 An invoice and deadline will be send before creation.

3. Creation

Once payment or deposit is received, the project can be created, according to your brief.

From a rough on a paper with a basic idea, to be pecfected on vectorial software.

4. Feedback

A first proposal will be sent to you, in order to get your approval.

If you require any modifications, limited to 3 by project, let me know and I can adjust them.

5. Approvement

In case if you are happy with the project,

files will be ready to be sent to a helmet painter (for helmet design),

 manufacturer (for livery design) or print worker (for print design).


About logos, it will be prepared for any format (print, web and textile) and sent directly to the customer.

6. Dispatch

Files will be sent in vector format, in zipped folder, by email, socials or (in case of heavy files) WeTransfer.

Now, you are ready to race with your colors !

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