Term of sales

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Order processing time
We undertake to ship standard orders within 5 working days of confirmation
of the order.
For express orders,
Eshirt.it is not responsible for any delay or issues attributable
to the delivery company
Returned product
We replace or refund any defected item,
damaged or not in compliance with the order within 30 days of delivery.
Please contact us for any issues !
It is not possible to make returns or refunds due to second thoughts about the purchase
or the type of customization required, given that the right of withdrawal
does not apply to bespoke items
(art. 5 paragraph 3 letter c of Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22/05/99 from italian law).
Intellectual and/or industrial property of information
and all the material sent by the customer for the realization
the personalization of the ordered items remains the exclusive property of the customer.
The company Eshirt S.r.l., is not responsible in any case for the materials sent
from third parties for the realization of T-shirts or bespoke items,
whether texts, images or graphic artworks and assumes no responsibility
for any damage caused by production, release
or the publication of these bespoke items.
The use of Eshirt.it service for printing bespoke items
implies acceptance of the following conditions by the user :
The user is the only responsible for the realization of personalized items ordered by him and on his behalf made by the company Eshirt S.r.l., and disclaims the company Eshirt S.r.l. any liability arising from the manufacture and marketing of items he has made or ordered.
In particular, the user is fully responsible, in front of Eshirt S.r.l. and third parties,
in the case of the production and release of items containing material :
- protected by Copyright by other intellectual property rights,
- obscene, defamatory, or offensive to public morality,
- which may in any case offend or harm third parties.
Eshirt S.r.l. shall not be obligated to select the material sent by the customer
for the production of bespoke items, although it reserves the right to not evade
orders whose artwork content is considered illegal or offensive.
E-mail address and any customer personal data
is kept by Eshirt for the sole purpose of processing orders.
It will not be in any case and at any time used for different purposes
or otherwise brought to third parties.
Pictures and artworks used by the customer to create their own projects will not be published or sold to third parties, and will be stored in order to allow the user to order the same project again, and again.
Each data processing procedure is carried out in accordance with valid italian laws according to art. 13 of Legislative Decree. n. 196/2003 of the Code on the personal data protection,
for more information go to our privacy page.
With the compilation of the customer register or the sending of “Ecard” through the design interface of Eshirt.it (Designer)
and acceptance of these conditions, the buyer gives consent to the processing
and communication of personal data for the purposes above-mentioned.
In case of non-acceptance of these conditions,
Eshirt.it will not be able to handle the printing process
and shipment of personalized items.
Customers financial data (credit card details),
transmitted to process payments, will not be stored by Eshirt.it.
More information on the processing of data relating
to the different payment methods on the Payment method page.
What are cookies and what are they for ?
A cookie is a small file sent by a website to the browser
and stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone when you visit a website.
Cookies are used to run the website
(for example without cookies it is not possible to draw a shirt)
or to improve performance, but also to provide information to website owners.
What kind of cookies is used on eshirt.it?
Our site uses different types of cookies.
Navigation and functional cookies
These cookies allow the website to run properly :
keep track of the various stages of design of your shirt,
of your preferences in the colors choice and models and allow you to save temporarily your T-shirt project or the contents of your shopping cart,
in order to not losing it if you have to stop browsing.
Without this type of cookie it is not possible for example to draw a shirt
or complete an order on eshirt.it.
Analytical cookies
These cookies are used for example by Google Analytics
to elaborate statistical analysis on user browsing modes
on the website through computers or mobile apps, on the number of pages visited
or the number of clicks made on a page while browsing a site.
We treat the results of these analyses anonymously and exclusively
for statistical purposes.
These cookies are not necessary to run properly the eshirt.it website.
Third-party cookies for maketing/retargeting
These cookies are used by third-party companies our trusted partners
whose allow you to display advertising banners on other affiliated sites
showing you the latest products you looked at on Eshirt.it, or within our website
to show you products you might be interested in or which are similar
to those you looked at earlier, based on your browsing history.
The use of these cookies does not put your personal data at risk, but can provide us
and our advertising partners information about your browsing habits.
These cookies are not necessary to run properly the Eshirt.it website.
Can I disable cookies ?
Changing your browser settings (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, etc..) you can determine which cookies are.
During the payment phases the SSL protocol is used (Secure Sockets Layer)
to protect your personal data.
Thanks to this protocol, information is encrypted and protected
from any type of external interference.
When you complete an order with online payment, and then you are going to write your sensitive payment details, a padlock or similar symbol will appear
in the browser navigation bar, to indicate that data are transmitted through secure protocol.
If you don’t find the symbol, check your browser documentation.
In the address bar will also appear something as
or ht‍tps://w‍ww.paypal.com/:
“https://” indicates that the connection is traveling over SSL protocol.
Information transmitted will not be stored after payment.