FAQ - Frequently asked questions

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1. Is there a minimum order ?
No, you can do only one order too.
If you need a big quantity, please visit our dedicated service for big orders.
2. How long will it take before my order to arrive ?
Printed and sent within 5 working days from the order day.
Then adding the time needed for the courier delivery
(initially 24h in the italian peninsula, 48h in Sicilia, Calabria and Sardegna).

In case if you need your order urgently or you need it at a precise day, we can give the priority to your order if you choose the Express shiping mode.
However after completing the order please contact us to report the urgence.
3. How can I track my order ?
When we send your order the delivery company will send you an email with all the data necessary for tracking the shipment.
4. How should I wash my shirts ?
We suggest to wash it at a maximum temperature of 30° C.
Do not bleach or use reasonable detergents.
For a longer printing life it is better to carry out the first three washings by hand
not above 30°C
Wash and spread your shirt always inside out, to prevent rubbing or exposure to sunlight which can damage the printed artwork.
Don't iron directly on the printed artwork, protect it with a cotton cloth.
5. How can I report a problem related to my order ?
Contact our customer service team for any questions related to your orders
(customization, graphics, model, shipping, delivery address, etc.).
6. What can I do if the item received is faulty ?
It may happen that the article has a defect from the begining
(a spot, a small hole, a hole), that we have not noticed during the printing process.
Don't worry ! Contact our customer service team (within 30 days of delivery),
attaching images that highlight the defect, and we will replace it !
7. How are the items packaged? Do you make gift packages ?
You can choose between normal and gift packaging
(“Shopping cart“ page, the "Gift" option from the "Package" drop-down menu).With the normal packaging the items are packed in a transparent bag
with Eshirt logo

The gift box bag is in blue cloth,
accompanied by a greeting card and sent directly to the recipient
(just specify an different address from the buyer).
Each item can be packaged separately
(so you can have a mixed order with normal packs and gift boxes).
8. What is the difference between direct digital printing and transfer ?
Read more about direct digital printing on fabric
and digital transfer printing characteristics.
9. How accurate is the preview seen in the designer ?
Our designer allows you to get a preview of how the project will be printed,
as colors, size and print proportions.
Unfortunately it is not possible to simulate the full result of printing,
because a color seen on a monitor, or on a sheet of printed paper,
will never be identical to the real one. (The preview is based on a size M approximately).
Sometimes the loaded image is slightly blurred,
but our production process is designed to respect as much as possible
the colours used and the original quality of the loaded artwork
with the final result.
In case of doubts or issues we always contact the customer
to jointly find the best solution !
10.  What is the maximum print area ?
Maximum print area size should be calibrated
depending on the models and sizes.
For male/unisex models digital printing can cover an area
equal to 34 cm (width) x 43 cm (height).

For female models, which have a slightly shaped cut,
the average size of the print area is 24 cm (width) x 37 cm (height).
If the women’s T-shirt ordered is above the M size,
so the maximum print area increases proportionally to the shirt size.

For kids models, the maximum width is 24 cm.,
while the length varies depending on the model and size.

For any questions or concerns about your order, please contact our customer service team.